Oswego County Legislature chairman calls on Senator Patty Ritchie to take action

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley has sent a letter to state Senator Patty Ritchie urging her and her colleagues to accelerate the governor’s Medicaid mandate relief.

In a letter dated March 12, Beardsley wrote, “In the next several days, as you prepare to vote for your state budget, please know that Oswego County property taxpayers are relying on you to enact this mandate relief.”

Beardsley outlined four mandate relief proposals included in the governor’s budget. They are early intervention reform, preschool special education reform, pension reform and a freeze on the local share of Medicaid costs.

Beardsley continued that some of the proposals are in jeopardy of being rejected by the state legislature. “If any of these mandate relief proposals are rejected, it becomes more imperative that local Medicaid costs be frozen now,” he wrote.

Beardsley said last year when the property tax cap was enacted, a bill Ritchie voted in favor of, there was a promise of mandate relief.

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