Democrats seek change in Oswego County Legislature meeting times

by Carol Thompson

A change in the Oswego County Legislature’s Rules and Order of Business led to a discussion about changing the meeting time to provide more public accessibility.

During Thursday’s meeting of the legislature, Legislator Jake Mulcahey brought forth a motion to move the meeting time from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. so that more members of the public can attend.

The discussion surfaced when legislators brought forth a motion to waive the rules to allow for a change in the Rules and Order of Business.

The legislature can only make changes in odd years, hence, the waiver was required.

Mulcahey suggested that since the rules were being waived to consider a change, it would be a good time to consider a change in the meeting time.

“I have an issue with the timing of the meetings also,” he said. “Two o’clock meetings are very prohibitive for working people.”

He added that those who work might want to attend meetings, however, it’s restrictive because of the time.

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