Karen Abbott

At The Fencepost: March 21, 2012

Karen Abbott

by Karen Abbott

I’m dealing with a lot of uncertainty this week. Or not dealing with it, as the case may be.

I’m following several leads for additional employment, none of which is going fast enough to get me ahead in the cash flow game.  I turn my attention frantically from one career path to another, trying not to let any correspondence go unanswered nor any opportunities slip by.

It feels like roller skating against the flow of a crowd of teens on a Friday night.
I had that experience, years ago, at the Bilou skating rink. We used to go skating there on the weekends. A rush of air braced us when we stepped inside, a little whirlwind caused by the counter-clockwise whoosh of skaters all straining in the same direction.

It smelled of leather and wheel grease and nacho chips left too long in the warmer. Anticipation overpowered me, sweating my palms and making my legs twitch.
Some teens looked forward to the night to explore the nuances of “going steady,” evidenced by little clicks huddling at the corners of the rink and staging area.

I had no such aspirations, being by nature shy and socially awkward. A natural athlete, I truly looked forward to the act of skating itself. I loved the feel of pushing off, skating faster and faster, dodging in between the others.

I loved leaning into turns and skating backwards. Slowing down and turning off for the couples’ skate was disappointing because I had to waste time watching kids swoon over each other when everybody knew we were there to skate.

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