Andrew Henderson

Laughing Through Life: NCAA bracket humility

Andrew Henderson

by Andrew Henderson

The great wordsmith Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.”

I can fully relate.

Sort of.

Every March, my parents and my wife and I take part in an activity that surely signals the coming of spring — the madness that is found throughout the land of college basketball.

Yes, it’s bracket time.

The NCAA kicked off its annual tournament last week and with it comes millions of people partaking in office pools and online/internet contests.

Over the years, I have filled out these brackets, always dreaming of finding myself victorious. And every year, I find myself being humbled. Dang you VCU!

I have filled out these brackets for about the last two dozen years and I have yet to finish first in any of them. I have come close, losing a couple of years by only one or two points.

Just to set the record straight: I am NOT a SU homer who always tabs the Orange to win it all. I usually don’t pick SU to win the whole shebang.

Even when they did win in 2003, I picked Wake Forest. Seriously, I picked the Demon Deacons to win it all. Thinking about it now, maybe I shouldn’t have picked the team with the nickname of Demon Deacons.

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