Fulton Medical Center to unveil outpatient services

Light wells – The Fulton Medical Center has many attractive features including two light wells. This light well is off the main lobby.

The Fulton Medical Center continues to unveil outpatient services at its state-of-the-art location, 510 S. Fourth St., as the project nears completion.

The latest equipment to become available is a high-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner. This new MRI can create exceptionally clear images of nearly all parts of the human body.

According to Oswego Health Chief of Radiology Mark Franklin, MD, the 1.5 Tesla MRI unit used at Fulton Medical Center offers radiologists superior patient images.

“The strength of the magnet used to create images enhances the quality of the images I analyze,” Dr. Franklin said. “This MRI unit is among the highest strength MRI scanners available and has the ability to provide images that can lead to an earlier diagnosis of a potential health risk.”

Oswego Health has partnered with Alliance Imaging, the largest provider of advanced outpatient diagnostic imaging services in the United States, to provide the MRI equipment.

An MRI provides images of soft tissues without using an x-ray.

In upcoming weeks, Oswego Health will relocate its Fulton physical therapy department from 501 S. Second St., to a spacious suite featuring four treatment rooms, located on the ground floor of the Fulton Medical Center.

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