New York News: March 17, 2012

by Andrew Henderson

Assemblyman Will Barclay is up in arms over language in the proposed Assembly budget bill that would govern gun manufacturers.

The Assembly budget bill A9055C is 73 pages long and includes topics ranging from  disaster preparedness and state contracting as well as microstamping.

Microstamping, Barclay said, is a stand-alone issue. He added it was “ludicrous” that it was included in the budget bill.

Barclay said he opposes microstamping because it would put unnecessary burdens on gun manufacturers and has not proven to be successful.

Microstamping has been a controversial issue in New York for many years.  It would force manufacturers to produce a unique alpha-numeric or geometric code on the firing pin identifying the make, model, and serial number of the pistol.

Manufacturers would bear the cost of implementing this new regulation. The success of this technology is unproven, Barclay said.

Last year, the Assembly passed this measure but the Senate did not.

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One thought on “New York News: March 17, 2012”

  1. Mr. Barclay’s office has notified me and was concerned over my application for assistance from the Agency named (NRCS). For 4 yrs. now i have been strung along with this agency that was suppose to be assisting me in getting assitance for a high tensil fencing grant. The rules that this agency ask from the farmers is so far fetched that they would never be part of a sound buisness venture. I see now why our Governor is in the process of closing a lot of these useless office’s . They are totally mismanaged and do not support the farmer as a lot of politicians say they will do.
    To date Mr. Barclay’s office is assisting me with my venture , he is the only one who has stepped up to the plate to assist.
    This agency trips over 5 dollars bills to pick up pennies , hopefully out Governor will continue on the right path and close the NRCS office across the board. Our tax payers dollars are being wasted on this organization.

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