Mr. & Mrs. Herbert (Bertha Tallman) Guyer

Valley Viewpoints: Re-dedicate park

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert (Bertha Tallman) Guyer

For those of you who may not know, Herbert Guyer was one of the city’s most beloved alderman back in the day. Pretty much everyone knew “Mr. Guyer” and his brother in-law, Vernon “Chick” Tallman.

But perhaps if you asked anyone today who Herbert Guyer was, you would only get your answer from the elderly or an historian.

This may not have been the case if my great-great-grandfather’s park was still on the corner of Ontario and Fourth streets. Unfortunately, today, that corner hosts another vacant lot.

Some of you may recall my grandmother, Barbara Jones, writing a letter to the editor about the city’s dedication to my great-great-grandfather June 27th, 1968.

It read as follows: “There was a very nice gesture done this past week, of which we should have more of. I would like to thank everyone involved and especially Edgar Gardner, for suggesting that the new sixth ward park be named after my grandfather, Herb Guyer. Grandpa is truly a ‘Grand Old Man.’ He was very active in politics in his younger days, once being Alderman of the sixth ward, and is still very much interested.

“Although he is blind and partially deaf and in his 85th year, he is very alert and keeps up with all the latest news, while remembering all the good old days. I could go on raving, but the purpose of this is to publicly thank everyone involved for paying tribute to ‘Herbie’ while he is still on earth to know about it and making his remaining days happy and proud.”

To read the rest of the letter, pick up  copy of The Valley News

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