Oswego Industries receives contract from Coast Guard

Oswego Industries has been awarded an AbilityOne contract to produce winter dress blue shirts for the United States Coast Guard.

The contract, signed in February, is the result of the company’s efforts to grow the Textile Manufacturing division with new product production to increase the mission on training and employment of persons with disabilities, military disabled and assistance of all people with barriers to employment.

This is the third military contract secured by Oswego Industries and is scheduled to begin production in May. The five-year contract will produce 1,780 units in the first purchasing year.

The winter dress blue long-sleeve shirt matches the color and material of the trousers worn in the Coast Guard’s winter dress blue uniform.

This uniform may be used by members between November and March for general office wear, visits to Coast Guard units, and appropriate assignments on duty. This uniform is meant to be the basic cold climate, non-operational uniform which may be worn in lieu of the service dress blue uniform.

The AbilityOne Program, a federal purchasing program ensuring a market for products generated by people who are blind or who have other severe disabilities, is a coordinated effort on behalf of the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, National Industries for the Blind and NISH—Creating Employment Opportunities for People with Severe Disabilities.

This employment coordination effort has allowed people who have disabilities to acquire job skills and training, receive good wages and benefits, and gain greater independence and quality of life.

Oswego Industries is a private, not-for-profit community rehabilitation program that has been providing programs and services to adults with disabilities since 1968.

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