Hannibal volleyball seniors led by example this season

by Rob Tetro

With the conclusion of the 2011-12 Hannibal varsity volleyball season comes the departure of five graduating seniors.

According to Coach Angela Pietroski, her team bids farewell to Brittany Sizemore, Liz Sullivan, Becky Kelly, Sierra Ingersoll and Brandi Moody.

Though these players bid Hannibal volleyball adieu, they do so while having had a positive influence on their younger teammates.

Pietroski said that her five departing seniors proved to their younger teammates that if they work hard, good things can happen.

“Several players really improved from the beginning of varsity until the end,” Pietroski noted.

Pietroski hopes that both her departing seniors and returning players take away the same message from this season. As the season began, she hoped that everyone of her players had a quality experience taking part in varsity volleyball.

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