The Sportsman’s World: March 10, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

There are many things we look forward to when we are in Florida and one of them is the people who come to visit us.

Most years some of our kids and grandchildren get down during school breaks and we have a number of friends who enjoy sharing our warm weather and outdoor activities for a few days almost every winter.

It has proved to be one of those things we treasure about Florida. I get to show off our fishing, visit some sights, and do some things that I probably wouldn’t do otherwise.

That’s been the case this week as Donna and Jack Kulle from Baldwinsville have been visiting us. As you probably know, Jack and I do quite a bit of hunting and fishing together around home and we continue the fishing saga here in Barefoot Bay.

As it turned out this year, we had strong gusty winds most of the time and we only got out on the water part of one day, before the weather turned sour. We used the opportunity to get some oysters as they are Jack’s favorite seafood.

We ended up with two five-gallon pails full of oysters in the shell, which when shucked, produced about a gallon of tasty oysters. We had enough not only for ourselves, but also for our mutual friends Rod and Ellen Lott from Seneca Falls.

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