County in good financial shape

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Treasurer John Kruk and Chief Accountant Mark See presented the 2011 annual financial report to members of the legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee Tuesday and the final word was that the coffer is in good shape.

The local fund equity is at $60,040,089, with the unassigned fund balance at $31,700,746. The unassigned fund balance, formerly referred to as the unappropriated fund balance, is down $5,664,451 from 2010.

The insurance reserve I down $12,504 from 2010 with a balance of $645,164.

Sales tax accounted for $4.6 million in revenue, with increased gas prices attributed as the reason for the increase.

The total real property tax levy increased and the generic tax rate decreased due to Entergy being back on the tax rolls. The 2011 tax levy was at $37 million.

-Look for the full story in the Saturday edition of the Valley News…

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