Hodgepodge: March 10, 2012

Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

I was wondering recently what I would write my next column about. I was thinking that during 33 years of writing this column I may have covered just about everything.

So I started down the list that my wife made for me when she re-typed every column and put them in order.

I didn’t have to go far before one listed column grabbed my attention. March 4, 1980, I wrote about “Fannies.” I guess I really have covered every subject from the bottom up. I have gotten to the bottom of things, or maybe I have bottomed out.

Here’s that column:

America has a hang-up — or is it a sit-down?

We seem to be hung-up with, as the sophisticated French say – la derriere; or in crude American English – “the fanny.”

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Television is full of rearview action. Charlie’s Angels probably started it; Underalls commercials followed close behind, and how about those jeans with their famous back pocket? Baby’s bottoms are not exempt with another popular commercial constantly pointing out which is the driest.

To read the rest of the column, pick up a copy of The Valley News

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