‘Damn Yankees’ to be staged this week at G. Ray Bodley High School

‘Damn Yankees’ – Quirk’s Players of G. Ray Bodley High School will present the musical comedy “Damn Yankees” this weekend. A modern retelling of the Faust legend, “Damn Yankees” is based on Douglass Wallop’s novel, “The Year The Yankees Lost the Pennant” and features memorable songs. Pictured is sports reporter Gloria Thorpe, played by Alexis Pawlewicz, as she is trying to get the “scoop” on the Senators’ new recruit, Joe Hardy. Kneeling from left are Mark Parry and Alex Bawarski. Standing from left are Logan Carvey, Markus Harter, Cody Hockey, Brad Crofoot, Stephen Heywood, Mitch Lalik, Joe Medico and Nathan Hawthorne. “Damn Yankees” will be presented March 8-10 in the Bodley Auditorium and is under the direction of Fulton teachers Tom Briggs, Thomas Nami and Rob Lescarbeau with dances choreographed by Doreen Forbes. –Valley News photo by Kelly LeVea

Quirk’s Players of G. Ray Bodley High School will present its 2012 Broadway musical, “Damn Yankees,” this week.
Performances are scheduled for Thursday, March 8; Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March 10 in the high-school auditorium. Curtain time is set for 7:30 P.M. each evening. Additionally, there will be a 2:00 P.M. matinee Saturday as well.

“‘Damn Yankees’ is a great story with wonderful music,” explained Tom Briggs, theatre director at G. Ray Bodley High School. “It is a story of love, self-discovery and baseball. Set in the nostalgic 195’s, ‘Damn Yankees’ is thought provoking and moving.”

Briggs explained that the story centers around middle-aged real estate agent Joe Boyd who has two great loves in his life – his devoted wife Meg and his favorite baseball team, the Washington Senators.

Joe never loses faith in his Senators even though they are in last place and they are always crushed by the New York Yankees.  Furious after another loss, Joe says he would, “sell his soul” for one long ball hitter.  Coincidentally at that moment, an ominous character appears and offers Joe an opportunity of a lifetime. Joe is given a chance to become the one to lead the Senators to victory – but it comes at a huge price.

The audience then wonders if Joe will  accept such an offer or will he remain home in the world he knows so well.
Highlighted throughout the show “Damn Yankees” are the loveable Washington Senators. While the Washington Senators are a great group of guys, they are certainly not the best baseball players.

“They are more concerned with selling insurance, completing the crossword puzzle and thinking about a night out on the town,” said Briggs. “Their baseball skills leave much to be desired – but these goofy guys prove to be loveable characters.”

Appearing as members of the hapless Washington Senators are several students, including Logan Carvey as Henry, Mark Parry as Sohovik, Nathan Hawthorne as Smokey, Mitchell Lalik as Linville, Joe Medico as Rocky, Markus Harter as Bryan, Brad Crofoot as Bouley, Stephen Heywood as Lowe and Cody Hockey as their manager, Benny VanBuren. Also performing as members of the Washington Senators are Justin Grower, Jeremy Herlowski, David Houck, Michael Mankiewicz and Brandon Webb from the Fulton Junior High School and Max Wood from Lanigan Elementary School.

The Washington Senators sing several memorable songs from Damn Yankees including, “Heart,” “The Game,” and “Shoeless Joe.”

“The score is fun and the Senators bring a great amount of energy to the stage,” said Thomas Nami, a music teacher at G. Ray Bodley High School and music director for Quirk’s Players. “They truly have some show-stopping numbers. Our students are doing a fantastic job and will certainly make the community proud.”
Quirk’s Players’ 2012 musical is dedicated in memory of Joseph Campolieta, a long-time employee in the Fulton School District and retired principal of G. Ray Bodley High School. Mr. Campolieta had a tremendous impact on the students at GRB and passed away a few months ago.
Tickets for Quirk’s Players’ upcoming production of Damn Yankees will be available at the door each evening.

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